salty blonde


South Africa, West Cape

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salty blonde bottle
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light & bubbly


salty wave

The subtle mineral quality paying homage to its coastal origins.


blonde wave

The blonde translucent hue highlighting both glass and experience.

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product of south africa, west cape
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salty blonde wine bottles in cooler next to woman sunbathing

salty blonde

Influenced by the sea breezes and coastal fog of south africa, salty blonde is a well-balanced composition of herbaceous notes, lemony freshness and just a hint of rocky minerals. And while the golden hue and bubbly nature are alluring, that’s only part of the story.

lighter style

With fewer calories and lower sugar, Salty Blonde is a lighter option for those seeking a cleaner choice to sip smartly.

salty blonde wine bottle on stones

savor the moment + sip smartly

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